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  • 31 March 2015.  I was in the market for a web hosting service. After hours of research, I tried to signup for a hosting company called iPage. Within 24 hours, I knew that I made a mistake. How did I know that it was a terrible hosting company? Here goes my list of “signs of a bad hosting company” If the ticketing service isn’t straightforward. For example, not getting any response for over an hour is bad in my book. On top of it, charging for “Premium Support” is just plain awful. Why make your paying customers feel that they need to pay extra just to get decent service? There’ s no proper documentation on how to get setup. I got a couple of initial emails, and they weren’t helpful at all in helping me to get setup. And, going to the website didn’t provide any better answers. The lack of documentation is even worse when you have an account management interface that isn’t familiar to most people. CPanel is popular, so that may not need a lot of documentation, especially for folks who have been on the web a long time. But, if the web hosting company has a notsopopular account management system, then the least they can do is provide adequate documentation. If there are issues in setting up FTP and other matters, they don’t help to get them sorted within 24 hours. There were only two things that saved iPage for me One is the fact that when I managed to get a hold of someone via their “live chat”, I started getting quicker responses to my Support Tickets. And, the other saving factor They had a refund policy that I managed to take advantage of. They also waived any additional charges in cancelling my account. So, thank goodness for that. I have had some bad hosts before who charged me for cancelling even though they had a 30day money back guarantee. What about you? What kind of bad hosting service experiences have you had? You Might Also Be Interested In…. Which Web Hosting Company Will You Recommend? &raqu o Post Ad Purchase &nbs pIntext Link This post is originally from Just Make Money Online. Please respect copyright. Web Hosting The Crucial First 24Hoursjustmakemo neyonline . ... This is a syndicated article. More information on this topic may be found at www.justmakemoneyon... .

    5 Cash-Back Web Sites for Online Shoppers
    By Cameron Huddleston, September 2, 2014

    BeFrugal.com has more than 4,000 retail partners that offer cash back on purchases. The cash-back rates vary by retailer, but shoppers who create an account with the site earn an average of 7% of their purchase total, says Jon Lal, CEO and founder of BeFrugal.com. Once you’ve earned $25 worth of cash-back rewards, you can be paid by check or PayPal. Cash-back offers also can be combined with coupon codes and deals available on the site – so you save even more money. You also can earn $5 when you refer a friend who signs up for a BeFrugal.com account and makes $25 in cash-back-eligible purchases.

    Coupon Cactus, as the name suggests, provides coupon codes as well as cash-back offers from more than 4,000 merchants. It pays cash back by check or PayPal each quarter if you have at least $10 in your account. You also can earn a 25% bonus of all cash back earned by others you refer to the site. Ebates has been around since 1998 and offers members cash back from more than online 1,700 retailers. Rebates vary by store, but many offer at least 5% back on purchases. Ebates pays cash back each quarter by check or PayPal -- or you can have the money donated to your favorite charity. It adds $5 to your account for each friend you refer who joins Ebates and makes a purchase of more than $25.

    Extrabux combines comparison shopping with online coupons and cash back from 2,500 online retailers. The site helps you find the best deal on a product by displaying prices and shipping charges from various retailers, plus cash-back offers and coupon codes. Basically, it puts all the available discounts on a product in front of you. Members receive cash back by check, credit card, Alipay or PayPal once they have earned at least $10, or they can opt to have the money donated to a charity.

    FatWallet highlights on its homepage the best deals its staff can find each day along with coupon codes and special offers from more than 1,000 retailers and cash back ranging from 1% to 40% from hundreds of merchants. Many of the retailers that FatWallet partners with occasionally increase their cash-back rates during what are called cash-back sales, and each day a featured store offers double its regular cash-back rate. Unlike the other sites, you can get paid by check or PayPal any time you want (amounts less than $10 can only be transferred via PayPal).

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